Physical limitations are a known side effect of growing older. However, there are many ways to simplify your life that may allow you to maintain independence and ease in your daily activities.

Utilize Technology

Even those that have sworn off technology have to admit that it has made some convenience-boosting advances in recent years. In fact, it can help you perform simple tasks like shopping for groceries or cleaning up the yard… with just the click of a button. “Robot” vacuum cleaners have simplified the task of cleaning up the house. Apps like TaskRabbit can allow you to have someone come to your house to perform menial tasks such as raking leaves, washing the car, etc.

Upgrade Your Home

A few simple alterations to your home can make getting around easier and safer. The bathroom is a great place to start since many seniors can struggle with keeping up with personal hygiene at the same level that they always have. Grab bars, traction mats, shower chairs/benches, and more making bathing and navigating the bathroom safer and more comfortable.

Travel Smart

For those seniors that find themselves at home more often than not due to difficulty remembering the ins and outs of getting to a destination, a GPS unit or GPS app downloaded onto a smart phone can help them confidently venture out into the world again without needing to read a map or remember how to get somewhere. In addition, there are apps available to help you find your car if you tend to forget where you parked in a parking lot.

Go Small

Are you an empty-nester and still living in the home that once housed your entire family? Moving into a smaller home can help you consolidate your belongings into a more manageable range, help with mobility, and decrease the daily workload of keeping up with caring for a larger home.

Added perks of downsizing are cutting costs, a simpler lifestyle that allows more energy for other, more enriching activities, and being able to move to a more desirable area (possibly closer to children and grandchildren).

The thought of downsizing can be overwhelming, so it’s best to start small. Declutter the home you currently live in. Sift through and consolidate your belongings and distribute items to children, grandchildren, have a yard sale, or donate to a local thrift store.

Now is the time to relax and enjoy enriching experiences in your life. Simplify the mundane tasks of your life to make room for more activities, events, and travel.