The heart of winter’s cold and flu season is upon us. It’s the time of year that seniors and their caregivers should take precautions from contracting a cold or the flu.

In addition, COVID-19 continues to persist, adding another wrinkle to the winter illness season. It’s so important for older adults, their loved ones, and their caregivers to be diligent in protecting themselves from sickness. 

They already have weaker immune systems due to age. But you can also protect yourself. Here are tips to keeping yourself healthy this winter.

—It starts with the flu vaccine. A flu shot is your best chance of reducing the risk of getting the flu. Another benefit is lowering the severity of the illness and protecting yourself from complications.

—Wash your hands. By washing your hands regularly with soap, you get rid of the cold and flu germs you encounter. You can use regular soap but be sure to rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds and scrub thoroughly, including your wrist. You can also use hand sanitizer but be sure it has at least 60% alcohol to effectively kill germs.

—Stay active. Exercising even a moderate amount boosts your immune system. The boost can lower your risk of getting sick by about 33%.

—Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. An easy way for cold and flu germs to get into your system is when you touch your face. You may have to consciously work to not touch your face, but it’s worth the effort.

—Keep it clean. Make sure your living space is germ-free by using disinfectant regularly. Doorknobs, light switches and counters should be cleaned regularly. Change cleaning sponges and rags frequently and soak them in bleach.

—Keep your mobile devices clean. Use sanitizing wipes or rubbing alcohol without getting your mobile device wet to get rid of the germs and dirt.

—Avoid people who are sick. Steer clear of people who are sick. If you are around someone who is sick, limit your contact and don’t touch them unnecessarily, such as hugs or shaking hands.

—Avoid crowds. Large groups of people should be avoided, especially indoors in spaces that don’t have good ventilation. Traveling is also a good way to catch a cold or the flu because of exposure to germs or sick people, so staying home is a good idea. If you do go out in crowds or travel, wear a mask for protection.

—Stay hydrated. Drinking water or hot tea helps you to fight germs. 

—Boost your health with Vitamin C. Citrus, bell peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and white potatoes are all rich in Vitamin C.  


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