November officially kicks off the Holiday season. With it comes family gatherings, social events, and lots and lots of delicious food and treats. 

There are several ways you can enjoy the delectable tastes of the season while keeping your plates healthful and satisfying. 

Limit Sugar

This may be easier said than done, but it’s possible. Allow yourself some slack for your favorite treats, of course, but make healthy alternatives to your Holiday favorites when you can, like this scrumptious Healthy Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe

Drinks are often heavy with sugars, so opt for some healthy alternatives to the sugar-laden favorites, such as this Healthy Hot Cocoa Recipe or this Healthy Egg Nog Recipe.

Fill Your Plate

Try to fill your plate with the healthiest choices first so you fill up on the good stuff and are less likely to overeat on the less-healthy options. Studies show that piling on the veggies can even eliminate your cravings for those rich comfort foods and decadent desserts. 


Life is all about balance. Don’t deprive yourself during the Holiday season. Enjoy that slice of pumpkin pie and that mug of piping hot apple cider. These are the signature dishes of the season and can bring back many great memories of time spent with family and friends over the years. 

But don’t eat like this every day for the next two months. Balance your indulgent days with days of eating large, healthy salads and healthy fats and proteins. 

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated throughout this season of fun. You should always be drinking a lot of water, but especially when your eating habits are less than perfect and you’re out and about a lot more at gatherings with family and friends. 

You can and should also enjoy a glass of red wine each day to keep your heart healthy. Just be sure to stay hydrated to reduce any negative effects. 

Use Google or Pinterest to search for healthy alternatives to your favorite holiday recipes and commit to trying at least one new dish this year that’s a little better for your health. You might be pleasantly surprised by how much you end up enjoying it.

Be sure you’re getting plenty of exercise each day, as well. Get out for a walk or try something new, like skiing or ice skating!