There comes a point in nearly every older adult’s life where they have a discussion with their adult children about their future and what care will look like for them as they age. They often decide between aging in place and joining a senior living community. 

Some people may resist change and want to stay at home simply because they’re afraid of the unknown of moving to a new apartment in their retirement. However, there are some key benefits of moving to a senior living community, such as social and emotional support. Many studies show that this aspect keeps seniors healthier and happier. 

Here are some of the top perks of moving to a senior living community for yourself or your loved one:


Many senior living community residents report feeling relief after downsizing and moving our of their home. Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities, such as mowing, cleaning gutters, and keeping up with home maintenance. 

In a senior living community, all of these things (and more) are taken care of for the residents. That means they can take time to truly relax and remove the worries and stresses of home ownership.

Additionally, amenities that they would normally need to drive all over town for are right there in their community, no driving or transportation required. Their gym, movie theater, pub, salon, coffee shop, and more are now conveniently located in close proximity, right within their community.  

Quality of Life

In addition to having amenities close at hand, the residents are also surrounded by a community of their peers that help them grow, learn, and find new opportunities to form friendships. This is something that just doesn’t happen at home. When you’ve lived in the same house for decades, you tend to isolate yourself from family and friends maybe even just due to routine. 

Senior living communities are not only full of peers, but their calendars are also loaded with many activities that promote socializing and forming valuable friendships. From concerts, exercise programs, painting classes, and mix and mingle social events, there’s something for everyone. These activities bring residents together and help them revisit the hobbies they’ve cultivated over their lifetime. 

Remove the Pressure

Many families are tasked with caring for their aging loved one that chooses to age in place. Caregiving can be a taxing job that pulls the family member away from other family members. Many caregivers report burning out, which results in a strained relationship with the loved one they’re caring for. 

Moving into a senior living community can relieve the pressure put on family members by placing the burden of caregiving on the senior living community team while allowing family members to visit in a relaxed, stress-free environment. 

A Way Of Life Built Around Community

If you or a loved one is curious about life in a senior living community, Regency At Augusta welcomes you to schedule a visit and discover the lifestyle for yourself.