Stay positive. Have gratitude. Give thanks for the little things and celebrate milestones with your loved ones who have memory loss. 

In some ways, it may seem counter-intuitive to celebrate milestones in difficult times. But that’s exactly the point. 

Even as holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasion have their complications with loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, having little celebrations help bring a sense of normalcy to what may be a challenging time and season.

How Celebrations Fuel Positives

One aspect of celebrating holidays, special moments, anniversaries, or other events and milestones is that it helps seniors with memory loss—and especially their loved ones—focus on the positives. The good memories of the good times and the notable events and achievements.

These types of celebrations not only lift your spirits, but also helps seniors or loved ones with Alzheimer’s or related dementia become engaged in the day and its events. Often they may struggle with beginning an activity and finding things to do on their own, so think of your effort as a nice boost.

Helping them be engaged in special moments helps their overall well-being. Whether it’s their lifelong interests, someone special, family traditions, a favored pet, watching an old movie, or even something as simple as going for a walk, by celebrating these moments you can bring pleasure to their life.

Overcoming Initial Awkwardness

For some people, they may initially feel awkward participating in these celebrations. But do your best to make the most of it and it is likely to become easier and more rewarding for both you and your loved one with memory loss.

Do some planning, talk to others about your plans and invite them to participate. Don’t worry about what others may think. You are there for you and your loved one to try and bring a little joy to your lives. After all, no one knows better than you what’s in the heart of your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.


Senior living communities like Regency at Augusta are precisely that—a community. Residents become friends and even family, and a caring team is there to help them maintain their quality of life. 

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