As we age, stress, loneliness, memory issues and cognitive decline can make elderly people susceptible to mental health challenges.

Whether it’s anxiety, or depress, or physical health issues, or a combination of them, seniors and the elderly can struggle with mental health. But there are many ways to treat and improve mental health.

Here are five ways to treat stress and improve mental health for seniors and the elderly in assisted living facilities.

Do Something New

Hobbies are a great way to stay active and enjoy retirement. You probably have something you’d like to try already. Don’t put it off any longer!

Maybe you’d like to try painting, or sewing, or crocheting, or a game, or activity. Don’t let anything hold you back any longer. A hobby is a way to help the nerve cells in your brain connect or reconnect. This continued stimulation changes your brain’s structure and improves its function. 

These stronger and newer connections lead you have feelings of comfort and gain an increased sense of belonging. It also improves your mental health.

Help Out

Volunteering for a cause is something you can do wherever you are, thanks to modern technology. Being a volunteer gives you a sense of purpose. And there’s no shortage of needs for volunteers.

Take time to find out how you can donate your time for a good cause. It may be contacting people, helping organize events, or other things you can do wherever you are. Organizations are looking for help and you can be one to answer the call, literally.

Keep in Touch

Staying in touch with family or friends, wherever they are and however long it’s been since you’ve physically seen them, has never been easier. Maintaining friendships or keeping in contact with family members can ward off feeling isolated and improve mental health.

You can contact friends and family on social media, over Skype, or Zoom, or FaceTime. Your smartphone can make video calls. Remember writing letters? Who doesn’t like getting mail?

Emails, phone calls, even text messages. Stay connected and your mental health will thank you.

Get Active

There are plenty of ways to get active at Regency at Augusta because we have no shortage of activities. Whether it’s taking walks by yourself or with others, in group activities, or swim classes, or other scheduled programs, you have plenty of opportunities to stay active.

Staying active helps your mental health, particularly as you age. Even stretching, yoga, meditation, or strength training are great ways to stay healthy and help your mental health. Being active is a great way to lower risks of depression.

Get To Know Regency at Augusta 

At Regency at Augusta we know that choosing the right community for yourself or a loved one is a big responsibility. Touring communities and asking questions can be taxing.

Let us make the experience enjoyable for you! We invite you to schedule a visit and come out to experience the Regency at Augusta difference for yourself.