If you or someone you love has been looking into senior living communities, there are two terms you may have read a lot about: skilled nursing communities and assisted living communities. But are these the same thing?

Skilled nursing and assisted living are two different types of care for seniors with their own individual focuses. Assisted living communities are designed for seniors who need help with some daily tasks but still want to retain as much autonomy as possible, while skilled nursing communities are in-patient medical care and rehabilitation facilities that are often short-term. 

Assisted living has a strong focus on ensuring all residents have what they need for a high quality of life but can still actively live their life as they choose, while skilled nursing focuses on ensuring the residents are being medically treated and rehabilitated by a team of licensed medical professionals.

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What are the Benefits of Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities are designed for seniors who still want to live as independently as possible but still need help with some small day-to-day things or minor medical assistance. The residents live in apartment or condo-like homes that they decorate and set up however they’d like, in a community full of different programs, events, and amenities.

Each resident receives their own individual care plan that the team on-site follows to make sure everyone gets the level of care they need while still being able to have the best quality of life possible.

Every assisted living community is different. However, each community has their own individual programs, events, and meals set up for the residents to attend as they choose. Residents can actively decide how they want to spend their time, what programs they want to join, and can pursue their interests freely with support from the team on-site.

For example, at Regency Senior Living, we offer all sorts of different amenities for our residents to enjoy. With different fitness programs, salon services, game nights, and classes ranging everywhere from language to fashion, we go out of our way to make sure every resident has access to something that may interest them.

With a strong focus on ensuring the residents retain as much independence as possible, these communities are an excellent choice for seniors who need help with some smaller daily tasks and want to be surrounded by a caring team of professionals who can help with whatever they need.

And with all the different amenities and levels of care available, they feel more like a great hotel experience than anything else!

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Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing communities aren’t the same as assisted living. While assisted living focuses on making sure each resident retains their independence and can live as they choose, skilled nursing focuses on making sure their residents’ medical needs are taken care of.

These communities are staffed by a team of licensed, well-trained medical professionals who specialize in helping residents with medical care and rehabilitation. The communities aren’t designed for their residents to stay long-term; rather, they’re set up so that residents receive the medical care they require until they recover.

Residents in need of skilled nursing communities undergo an initial health assessment where the staff on-site can determine what level of care they need. Their physical health, mental health, and daily abilities will be assessed so that a plan can be formed to assist the resident as they need.

The level of care received in a skilled nursing community is similar to the level of care a resident would receive in a long-term hospital stay, but with more comfort to help them relax and have some space while they recover. With access to a staff on-site who can assist with daily medical needs, residents can rest assured knowing they’re well taken care of.

However, these communities are not a viable choice for long-term senior care. They focus on rehabilitation and medical care rather than a high quality of life. While the staff are licensed, well-trained, and there to help with all their residents’ needs, these communities are designed for short-term residency while people recover.

How to Choose a Senior Living Community

The most important thing when choosing a senior living community is to make sure that the place is right for you or your loved one. Check into what programs are available, and take a look around the location. See how the teams on-site interact with their residents and see what quality of care everyone is receiving.

Make sure that whatever you choose fits your needs. If you or your loved one want as much independence as possible and only need assistance with smaller day-to-day tasks or medical needs, assisted living is an excellent choice. If you need a short-term recovery community with access to well-trained medical professionals, consider a skilled nursing community.

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