Winter comfort food, or a dish your family always had for the holidays.

Stockings hung on the fireplace, or a cozy night by a fire with a Christmas tree as a backdrop.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or here comes Santa Claus, or lyrics to other songs you remember from the holidays.  

How Holiday Memories Can Help Those with Alzheimer’s

While new holiday memories are fun, remembering holidays past and traditions and events associated with the holiday season can engage the mind. Called reminiscence therapy, seniors are invited to discuss past memories.

It’s a great way for seniors who have Alzheimer’s or dementia to work their mind. Loved ones are perfect for drawing out memories and positive experiences of people with memory issues.

The holidays in particular work well with this exercise that studies have shown can improve the communication moods and quality of life of the seniors involved in sharing their reminisces or memories.

Reminiscence Therapy Benefits

According to the National Institute of Health, reminiscence therapy is a discussion of past activities, events, or experiences with someone else or a group of people. These discussions are aided by photographs, music, archival recordings, or other familiar items from the past. 

Studies show that reminiscence therapy can help improve communication between caregivers and seniors in their care. This lowers stress for both the caregiver and the person.

Other benefits include better moods and general well-being, higher quality of life, improved social interaction, better cognition, and autobiographical memory, as well as caregiver staff having a deeper knowledge of those in their care.

So start asking those questions and see how memories of the holidays can aid your loved ones in their memory care.


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