Being part of choosing a new community to settle down in for your loved one can seem challenging, but it’s a necessary process. Finding the right lifestyle for your loved one can set them up for a safe and comfortable environment to live in and thrive.

Let’s look at how to choose an assisted living community, what you can expect, and the benefits to look forward to.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a lifestyle option allowing you or your loved one to live on your own terms and preserve the desired level of individual autonomy. An assisted living lifestyle is a blend of support and independence—your safety and stability are prioritized. 

Activities of daily living can include things such as: 

  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Mobility

Assisted living is designed for people who need help with daily living activities but still value their independence. Assisted living allows your loved ones more time to focus on engaging in new hobbies and expanding their social circle. 

Amenities & Services to Look Forward to

Along with this assistance, your loved one can expect different amenities and services such as: 

  • Daily scheduled community events and recreational activities
  • Wellness, health, and fitness programs
  • Nutritious meals 
  • Weekday housekeeping
  • Rehabilitation services

Your loved ones’ comfort and safety are essential, and an assisted living community delivers the experienced and supportive care they deserve.

A senior living community resident looking over her shoulder and smiling while playing a game of cards with her peers.Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Finding the right community comes down to your loved one’s needs. Beyond the amenities and services, talking to your loved ones and understanding the services that are important to them can make the transition easier.

The first step to choosing an assisted living community is asking crucial questions and determining what type of lifestyle will be the best fit.

Is Transportation an Issue?

If your loved one is having trouble getting around and alternatives are no longer viable or convenient, an assisted living community can offer transportation services to help your loved one and prevent them from missing crucial appointments.

Explore Your Loved One’s New Community

Going ahead of time to explore the community and its amenities and services can make all the difference and reassure your loved one that they’ll be taken care of. Getting to know their new living situation can help them prepare mentally for the move.

Another benefit of a tour is that it can help them meet other people living and thriving in the community and begin socializing.

Finding Activities of Interest

Contact your assisted living community and discuss what activities and services they offer to see if they are appealing to your loved one. It’s essential to keep your loved one’s hobbies and interests in mind and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Make a list of things your loved one values in a community and do your best to find a lifestyle that meets their needs.

Call & Visit Frequently

No matter what community you choose, your presence is irreplaceable. It’s essential to choose a community that offers an engaging and supporting living situation while also promoting communication and socializing. 

Calling and visiting your loved one frequently can help them adjust to their new community quickly and offer a feeling of comfort and familiarity. 

Prioritizing Health

Health is wealth, and when choosing a community for your loved one, it’s crucial to consider the wellness, health, and fitness programs that are offered. 

Meal plans and recreational activities are also essential to consider and discuss with your loved one prior to choosing a community.

Finding a Supportive Community

Finding a new community that meets your loved one’s needs is an exciting and unique opportunity. Exploring their new community with them can make them feel at home and ensure their needs are being met. 

Contact a professional to learn more about assisted living and if this community is right for your loved one.